Cherry Friands

Cherry Friands

Thinking of something different for your tea party or pot luck? Something you and your guests can eat in a bite, spare your nails from digging into muffin liners and avoid buttercream moustaches?

It is time to make friands, not foes!

Friands are moist dense cakes that are made with ground almonds and browned butter. I love pairing fruits with my bakes hence the cherries, which give a nice balance to the friands.

The Midnight Baker’s cherry friands are petits fours baked in mini-muffin tins. Though the friands may be small in size, they are big in flavour and are sugar-reduced.

Price: RM 37.50 for a box of 15 friands.

 The Midnight Baker® Malaysia: No preservatives. No additives. All good.