Sweet + Savoury Scones

These are scrumptious reduced-sugar raisin scones.

These are scrumptious reduced-sugar raisin scones.

Hands up if you love buttery scones!

I am happy to introduce scones to my menu; these are baked fresh on the day of delivery and best eaten warm.

Choose from these flavours of sweet scones (made with very little sugar in order to allow for that perfect balance when you to slap on that clotted cream and jam):

  • Raisin Scones
  • Cranberry + Orange Scones

Price: RM 36 for a set of 9 sweet scones.

If you prefer something substantial, do try this umami-filled delicious savoury scone:

  • Chives + Cheddar Scones
These. Are. So. Good.

These. Are. So. Good.

The Chives + Cheddar Scones are made with Maldon sea salt, good quality shredded cheddar and fresh chives.

Price: RM 45 for a set of 9 savoury scones.

All scones are ± 2.5 inches in diameter and ± 1.5 inches in height. They are made with good quality unsalted butter and full cream milk, and are finished off with an egg wash for glaze.

 The Midnight Baker® Malaysia: No preservatives. No additives. All good.